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removed oil from house last month. 2 extra low temp heat pumps do the heavy lifting. oil hydrionic system converted to gas tankless hot water with furnace backup for heat. keeps the original piping in place .


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Brighton Ave Lowes usually has some big markdowns and the managers there have some flexibility on additional markdowns if you're compelling enough.

Avoid the Portland ReStore over by Handyman rental, they sell 10 or 12 yo used appliances there for 25% less than the big box store next to them. used wall sconces for $5 less than new with no warranty is no bargain either...


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they are just sending you mail. your name and address are basically public domain, it's not like they're mailing you with your last balance due and SS#...are they?


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a few of the more savvy brands have a threshold setting which allows more or less darkness to trigger them. each one hides it somewhere different and calls it something else in the UI. Fords used to make it easy and had a sensor, low down in the center of the dash by the windscreen, and you could just put small pieces of black electrical tape on it to make it trigger earlier. sensor was black anyway so if you were careful, you couldn't tell it was applied.