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Step one would be disarming the poor to minimize resistance. This has already been done pretty much everywhere on earth with the exception of American, Africa and now Afghanistan. I would expect it to happen in America fairly swiftly over the next decade because of the wealth concentrated in that region.

I would not expect a mass culling based on net worth or skill set, but culling individuals based on behavior analysis is quite likely. When predictive AI is skilled enough to identify individuals with mental health issues early, mandatory treatment will become a thing. It would also make sense if the people that can't be cured with 100% reliability would "disappear".


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Historically if you are trying to convert dollars into electricity, fusion is not only a net loser, it ranks just behind rubbing on a magic lamp and waiting for the genie to pop out. We are at least 10 years away from making nuclear energy profitable compared to solar, wind and hydro. And that is assuming A LOT of free capital dumped into the project by the taxpayers for R&D.