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Why once a week? Just need that day to look forward to? Once I quit after a decade + of drinking a precise but heavy amount nightly, I just put it behind me besides a random drink if I’m at dinner celebrating very rarely.

I think if I kept anything around, I’d go back to my old ways.


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Yep, it’s been blatantly obvious that it is a push by governments (federal, state, municipality) and business groups, plus wealthy owners of things, to keep things as they were. The benefit to the employees is not there in any job that successfully navigated full remote.

There are plenty of people who want to go in, and they’re totally welcome to it. I personally have lost all faith in my corporation given their thinking on the issue. I hesitated which word to use because thinking and logic aren’t actually part of the equation as no meeting rooms work correctly and technology at our offices is crap.

I basically go in for half a day, nope out and go work at home. They can eventually come at me if they want.


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I got sick for at most a day in Nov 21 and this all hit my suddenly end of Jan 22. They can’t even be sure I had COVID but given how I had sudden LC symptoms that’s what my doctor said was very likely. Always wondered why it came months after like a 1 day mild fever.


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Vitamin D is one of two common supplements that has really helped me. The other is magnesium (anything but oxide, body won’t absorb it, I take glycinate.)

Had my doc recommend two others that seem to be helping as well, but I’m still journaling how I feel when I do and don’t take them.

Not wanting to die can be a job itself these days for some reason.