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>Destinus’ Eiger Prototype which conducted its maiden flight on April 13th, 2022

>Destinus has been testing its prototype aircraft for the past couple of years, announcing successful test flights of its second prototype - Eiger - at the end of 2022.

Maybe you should read more than just the title.


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Are you kidding me? During a time of record high gas prices, you complain about the only alternative not becoming cheaper faster?

Storage will get cheaper and cheaper. LCOE are the unsubsidised costs. Governments can subsidise them for now, which will help them get cheaper still. The more we invest now, the faster this will happen. This is standard practise for all energy sources. No one complains when fossil fuels are heavily subsidised in so many different ways.

$1 billion invested in a storage system will lead to less gas for decades. $1 billion dumped into gas is temporary. Just look how none of those fracking investments saved us from record high gas prices!

You really do sound like a fossil fuel shill.


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You're arguing with a free market fanatic. He'll just completely ignore what you say and continue to spam the same bullshit. He's been doing it for years on behalf of a libertarian lobby.

In his mind, anything other than a pure free market solution is communism. It's his holy war!


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>Global covid response was halting, half-assed, and resulted in millions of idiots mainlining horse meds instead of following official mitigation protocol.

By "global", do you actually mean America? Pretty sure millions of idiots weren't taking horse meds globally.

Saving millions of lives and creating vaccines in record times, using break through tech, isn't indicative of hopeless.

I'm guessing no amount of evidence will be enough for doomers like you.

The way in which the fossil fuel industry fights against climate action: deflection, delay, division, despair mongering, doomism.