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The plastic seats are way less scary, but all new busses means the classic voice will be gone. I like it way more than the tts the new busses have, but willing to say goodbye to it to remove fear of bedbugs and fluid-absorbing.


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Great when you don't have a backpack. It's a lot easier to carry them in your lap when the bag can lean on a wall of back of another seat. Single seats are always great though, if they weren't sideways they'd be the greatest thing ever.


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Yeah, when I was little. We'd all climb up onto the wall in the back and hold on as it moved... what, a yard? It was one of the most exciting things to do as a kid (and yes, I was well aware I took moving trains all the time on septa), and little me was devastated when they stopped doing it.


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The trolleys have their number on them on the front, back, and side. If it says something other than "Welcome to route 34. Service to 61st and Baltimore", it's not the westbound 34. If it doesn't say anything, the front seat has an old school red-dot-lights-on-black screen that will say the same thing in written words.