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Whenever I get home from the day I always shower and put my clothes in the hamper! Depending on what I’m doing, I might put on “regular” clothes, but yeah, I usually just put on comfy stuff. If I get home and decide to go somewhere else, I never wear the same socks. Some people might see this as wasteful because I do a lot of laundry, but I just don’t like feeling gross.

Edit: I also always lay my next outfit out! It’s just part of my routine, so when I need to leave next I’m clean and everything is ready.


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I used to work at a distribution center unloading trucks for Meijer (large grocery store). If any of the packages were damaged at ALL, they were to be documented and thrown away. So. Much. Food. Other goods, too.

One day we had a large order of diapers. The packages were damaged, but the diapers were fine. It was like, 100 diapers. I overheard my coworker saying that his wife had just had a baby and they could really use those, but he didn’t want to risk being fired.