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Heien v. North Carolina established that police don’t have to ow the laws, and if they pull you over for something that isn’t illegal because of their ignorance, then that is still a valid stop.

But, just to be clear, for the rest of us citizens, ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

If government enforcers can make up laws, it is clear that laws, including the Bill of Rights which supposedly protects our rights, mean nothing. America is fucked. Likewise, fuck America.


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It was Philip Brailsford, who murdered Daniel Shaver with an M4 with “You’re Fucked” engraved on the dust covered.

Not only did he not face legal consequences, but the department hired him back for about one month, just long enough that he could claim PTSD from the act of murdering an unarmed man, and get a lifetime pension as a reward for it.

Fuck all cops.


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Our courts have shown that they will do whatever legal gymnastics they need to in order to protect their armed enforcers.

In order for them to be held accountable, it will take armed citizens conducting citizens’ arrests of cops, and escalating force if they resist or “act aggressively.” Dirty cops, and all of the other dirty cops that protect them as accomplices, will have to be tried and sentenced by “citizen courts.”


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We can say, “there should be a law,” all we want, but the fact is that the politicians that make the laws, the judges that interpret the laws, and the prosecutors that decide when to bring charges will never allow that because they all rely on cops to violently enforce their authority.

They are all part of the same criminal gang. The only way they will face consequences or accountability is when the citizens force it on them.