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The whole point of having a study like this is to compare the active medication to the placebo. So, you give half the people up the placebo and half the people the real medication.

If you'll go back to my original comment, my point was that this study did not have a placebo trial because you'd automatically know whether or not you got the medication because it made you high.

I already shared a source with you that the placebo effect can go up to 60%, and this is especially true with medication that a lot of people are excited about.

Therefore, because this study did not have a reasonable control, there's no way of knowing whether or not the benefit from the active medication isn't placebo.

I've already explained everything to you now, I've already shared a source. You've already explained that you don't know much about this... I'm not sure what else there is to argue about?


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Dude, yes, you don't know anything about cancer either. This is commonly known and discussed... If you had cancer and you're no longer technically classified as having cancer, you are "in remission" not cured.

>I didn't talk about longer term follow up? Seems like I know the difference just fine. If I am confused somewhere, explaining it is going to get us further than this.

A tiny study on insomniacs showed that about 60% (within the placebo range) no longer showed the required symptoms to be diagnosed as insomniacs.

They did not do any long-term follow-up meaning that immediately after treatment they didn't show symptoms, but there's no longer-term documentation. This is absolutely something that the placebo effect could explain away


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>Effect, not cure.

Where in the article did you read about a "cure"? Where did you read about longer term follow up?

It seems like you don't know what the word "effect" or "cure" means in a medical sense


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And, if the placebo doesn't get you high it stops being a placebo and turns into "oh I didn't get the marijuana then"

Also, isn't 60% about the level of the placebo effect? If everyone who received the medication knew they did and only 60% saw improvement doesn't that just mean that it works about the same as a placebo?