amino_asshat t1_ixd9ec1 wrote

Yah agreed on the venues but 9/10 times even these spots are dead later on. Upstairs Verve can be a lot of fun - just wish it was a more regular occurrence.

I’m way past my night owl partying days (er… nights?), but somewhere to grab a drink or two after dinner and turn up, just a little, would be appreciated.

Somewhere, to be specific, that isn’t the back corner bar of a pizza place lol.


amino_asshat t1_ixcqcjq wrote

Live in Somerville. Nice little town with some great restaurants.

Major downside nobody is mentioning is a lack of actual nightlife. After 10 pm the only places that might have any energy are a pizza place or the upstairs “club” of an Irish bar.

The town just… falls asleep after dinner is finished.