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We have a level playing field now. Every one shows up to work, but half of the workforce has to pretend they not menstruating. If a woman needs to take a day off, it comes out of their sick days.

With your scenario, men are getting a day of leisure and I am curled up in a ball trying to figure out if it is a fart or am I going to shit myself?

So once again, men get the advantage because you do not have a body part that revolts. So while woman are at home in genuine pain, you get to have a day of golf to make it “fair”?

The only fairness would be then if we get one of those machines that simulated cramps and made you wear a suit simulating the 5 lbs of water weight you take on, and then surprise you with a gush of blood in your underwear and have a voice that says, “you bled through your pants and onto the chair”


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I do not know how anyone lives with endometriosis.

I was having this topic awhile back on another sub and a man suggested they get horny leave because women are not capable of being horny, and it is debilitating for man.


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You sound angry. Is it your time of the month?

Although the menstrual cup is a great invention, it is not practical for everyone. You have to fish it out and clean it. Can you imagine being in a public restroom and having someone come to the sink and clean their cup out?

And then you’re equating having an orgasm and the product used to prevent pregnancy to one that absorbs blood.


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Why should two people have the same expectations when one has physical pain inflicted upon them every 28 days involuntarily?

And that physical pain costs the other person each month with pads, tampons, panty liners, Tylenol … and potential loss of clothing, possible embarrassment … and loss wages


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So you’re getting a break for essentially a woman bleeding every month? Your body is biologically inclined never to revolt.

Where then is my compensation for you having a day of leisure while my uterus is shedding its lining and I am curled in a ball with my heating pad wondering if it is going to be a fart or I am going to shit myself?


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It would only be equal if your hormones shifted, you had diarrhea or constipation, headaches, bloating, and cramps … and then every so often a good gush of blood appears in your underwear.

Your compensation is never having to be planning a trip and have to consult your mental calendar to see if you’ll be shedding your uterine lining.

Your compensation is never having to worry about having a blow out in your new white Z Cavaricci jeans.


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But if being black meant every 28 days a body part of theirs backfires resulting in debilitating cramps, diarrhea, nausea, changes in hormones, headaches, and blood coming from an orifice, I would be willing to understand they would need a day off and not look for analogies on why that would not be okay because it doesn’t happen to me.