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I drive by everyday on my way to work, and we get customers questioning it all the time. Definitely an eyesore, and all it does it make him look crazy. There are definitely better ways to deal with his grudges against the town. On a sidenote though, please don't zoom down east main going 50mph. That road is scary as hell to drive on as it is, nevermind if everyone's speeding.


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I love this city, but this here is one reason I'm happy to be moving in a week. After that woman was dragged from her car and beaten a couple summers ago after merely honking at them, I fear for my safety from these idiots in more ways than one.


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If only RISE were better, my experience was much more enjoyable when they were Summit. Now they're constantly out of stuff, but you don't find that out until you arrive. The service used to be great as a medical patient too, but now they seem to cater to rec customers. I don't recommend them any longer


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Very cool indeed! The parking lot behind scurvy is pretty large and the bands are set up a considerable distance from the road, so no real element of danger there. Also since they rerouted rt 10 there is a lot less traffic on westminster. Plenty of parking at the school across the street, and on various side roads.

The bands can get a little wild (last one I went to ended with a firey display atop a van) but they are always so much fun. I don't look like the typical patron of scurvy dog, but I find the punk rock and metal crowd to be more welcoming than any other. I live around the corner and I'm moving next summer, and scurvy shows will absolutely be the thing I'll miss most


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I've seen so many people driving around without their lights on! But I've also had people get aggressive with me on the road because they percieved my flashing lights as trying to get them to move. Now I shut my lights off for a second and turn them back on, which seems to piss people off less than the high beam flashing


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I once racked up over $700 in fees after failing to change my credit card after mine got compromised... called and they knocked off all fees and charged me the original 60 something I actually owed. Just wait until you can tallk to someone, I'm sure they will help you out