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A ski resort owned by the state, freaked out when told they need to have more transparent finances and proper management, because they are millions in debt. Somehow that's the fault of freestaters because two of the people on the commission are freestaters? Remind me again why the state owns a ski resort?

>School boards

Take Croyden for example: Average schools are spending $9k/student. A freestater in Croyden tried cutting their $22k/student budget down to $10k. Still above average, and these are just elementary school kids in a one room schoolhouse, who despite high funding are having very poor scores. Somehow that's destruction by freestaters, even though it was majority NOT freestaters who voted in favor of it.

>Trash collection

You're referencing Grafton. Because lots of trash collection is privatized already, but there some local lady (not a freestater) was feeding bears like an idiot and therefore it must be trash collection problems caused by freestaters when the bear attacked.


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It's not really much of an admission when I'm completely open about that fact, now is it? Like I said, we're very active in building community. If you were more open minded, you'd consider coming to one of our events and seeing who we really are. They are on a public calendar afterall:


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>sending in carpet baggers

Actually you'll find freestaters of all walks of life. Plenty of us are blue collar, many are not wealthy at all. And we certainly aren't being "sent" to New Hampshire. Those of us in New Hampshire are asking for them to join us.

If you care about carpetbaggers, look to the progressives who actually have billionaires paying for people to move to NH to fuck up our politics. (Granite State Progress)


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Actually the title is incorrect. The bill is to legalize students who are underage and taking beer/wine making classes to allowed to taste the product they are making in class. Currently we have college students learning how to brew who cannot legally taste what they are making, which is an important part of the brewing process.


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Yes, I see this all the time and have ranted to my coworkers about it. So much so that I looked up the laws to make sure I'm actually following the rules of the road. People will try and flag you through for no reason and even in such a way that would have you drive into oncoming traffic. It's absurd.


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R's recently had control and didnt end abortion. Thankfully since the freestaters believe in body autonomy and they have a voting bloc there's little chance of abortion being outlawed here.


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I dont think the Republicans having a plan matters so much to voters. Republicans and Democrats always end up being fairly similar in that way anyhow (Republicans also cause inflation through massive money printing). But most voters vote -against- issues, not for, and when the economy is bad people will vote against who they perceive as causing it.