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Really really good is a bit of a stretch and depends on where you live. There are some areas with zero (I mean nothing, not even buses) public transit. The free train sounds great but it often runs only every 30 mins and sometimes not at all on the weekends due to track work. I live in New Dorp which has a multitude of transit options, but recently I needed to take the bus to Mariner’s harbor and it took 1.5 hours. If I drove it would have been 20 minutes top. Ironically I didn’t drive that day because I was picking my car up from a repair shop there.

I do use local transit here but only when it happens to work out for the situation.

For off the boro transit, it also depends on the situation, but try catching a Manhattan bound SIM1 in the evening during rush hour. Literally 1hr+ wait times.


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Some do. A few years ago I was doing gig-work at a food court in some bougie day care in Tribeca. During the week it was the kids and their Latina/Filipina nannies. On the weekend, when it was time for the parents to spend some "quality time" with their kids, it was more like moms drinking wine and chatting with each other and the dads drinking IPA's while watching football on their phones while their kids they've barely seen all week were climbing the walls for attention. I'm convinced that to rich people kids are just expensive pets.


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Yes 100%. Driving home at night on the gowanus you’re almost guaranteed to come across someone or several someones going 35mph in the left lane for literally no reason, and then combine that with someone in spray-primered Altima with Texas plates that wants to go 90 through everyone and you have complete fucking chaos and I never remember it being like this so consistently until relatively recently.