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when you start with the rock and ship one it can only get better, in theory. Then you have Galadriel's amazing rendition of one of George Formby's best, "You have not seen what i have seen when I'm cleaning windows" and you just want to burn the world to the ground


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really dislike it, but what I absolutely despise is ending an episode of an ensemble show on a cliffhanger where a couple characters are about to die/discover something and the next one starts with another group of characters doing their mundane things for 20 minutes. Fuck fuck fuck that


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Shield is a matrioska in a sense that you have three main levels: the team one, their stories that encompass all the seasons until the finale; a level below there's the villain of the season one, a guy whose criminal activities run through the season, and below you got the hit of the week one where you have all sorts of episodic stories


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show designed to be the wholesomest wholesome thing, where every character is loveable. For hilariousness better seek in the past, actually funny sitcoms are dead