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I've just done my kitchen, with two flooring options. It was a new build kitchen, moved the kitchen to a new space.
Existing flooring I have finished first, but that was sanding and polishing floorboards that I didnt want all that mess in the new kitchen.

New build portion that needed finished flooring, kitchen went in first then flooring to under cabinets, sort of, just enough to be covered by the kicks.

You dont want cabinets sitting on a floating floor, but if you have solid flooring like solid floorboards or tiles, then you would want them under the cabinets.


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OK fair enough, I am not sure if you or I are the edge case though :-D

The only time that I ever need to charge the phone while using it is in the car, and i have a Qi charger mount.

The use difference is that I have bluetooth hearing aids, so phone can sit wherever on my desk, and that could be in a charger if I needed to, but I never need to.My iPhone is an 11Pro, so it is now 3 years old and despite using it for hours a day for calls, I easily get the full day from 5am to 11pm out of it and charge is only at about 50-60% when I put on the charger when I go to bed.

Maybe I am the edge case though.

Also, I have had phones fail due to crap in the charge port before, so I'll do anything to not charge via cable these days.


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I dont understand why this is a big deal, I've not used a plug in charger for a very long time now and never intent to, I couldnt care less if the charge port was removed from my iphone.

Doesnt everyone use wireless charging now?