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The editing I've done here is quite minimal. I bumped the contrast and sharpening a little bit to make the edges between the layers more well defined. A little increase in clarity can also help achieve this.

I don't think this is relevant to your photo, but for the sake of full disclosure I did edit the colour of this photo a little bit In the raw I found that each successive layer became slightly more orange than the last (likely because the haze was wildfire smoke) so I added a graduated filter with a slight blue tint to counteract the orange and give the layers a more uniform look.


andrewrimanic OP t1_j3a3av4 wrote

Unfortunately I didn't take any that are portrait or could be cropped to fit a phone. I've wanted to use this as my phone wallpaper for a while but the super narrow crop just doesn't look very good.

There's a spot near the border where you can get a lot of layers to line up like this with Mount Baker being the highest layer. I took the photo once but it didn't turn out nearly as nicely as this one so I'll have to go back when the conditions are right