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News reporters need to be where the news is. Sometimes that is the nearby park, sometimes it is a war zone.

Doesn't sound like they just sent him in a soon as the war started but that he had already been there for years. He would have cultivated sources already and been invaluable once war broke out.


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I bought one of these about six or seven years ago. Still no tears and my 75 lb dog loves to burst through it at full speed.

It's a nylon mesh but maybe a heavier one then what you got. Uses a spring tensioned rod to mount in the doorway which needs to be readjusted every so often and sometimes the dog will step on the screen and pull it down partially but no rips.


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What charity?

People were either curious or saw a way it could help them. No one tried it out just because they thought it would help the nice company.

As for the rest, AI is not going away. That genie left the bottle years ago. The biggest companies in the world have been dumping billions into the tech. It is going to change society and some folks will be better off for it and some will not be. Nothing new here.