angrycupcake56 t1_j64c35j wrote

It heralds an apocalypse! Fortune be in our favor though as only one needs to die. The other two out of instinct form an alliance. Good and bad luck over the end times. Lo, but he was merely the herald. With blood spilled war breaks out, blue promising life and power through battle. Ted promising prosperity and advancement through domination.

A lone historian researches further and discovers the yellow could have functioned as guardian over man should it have survived, but alas, we are doomed, unless…. It is another three egg year…. The earth rumbles and the volcanos churn. It is up to the historian now to ensure victory for the newest yellow.

-excerpt from The Third Egg by Leone Thearman a.k.a. That weirdo who was disgraced by the court for his fan fictions and poor taxidermy skills. Pfffft Purple.