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It’s not unusual to say you shouldn’t be allowed to see what the video shows before you write a report, so you can’t lie to make your report match the video. It’s standard in every reform recommendation for how to use BWC. Because testi-lying is rampant. No one is no papering cases because an officer says they turned left and it was actually right. They’re no papering cases because the gun isn’t where the officer swears it was, or the search wasn’t consensual or legal, or the officer is still making arrests despite having multiple documented credibility problems.


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Reply to comment by fitnessgirl24 in Favorite events in dc by [deleted]

You have zero interests or preferences? Really? You don't like any specific sports, music, food, or activities? You don't have anything you dislike doing? No restrictions of any kind?

I think you should take the new silver line train to Dulles. Some people really like trains, maybe you'll be one of them.


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It's a major city. We have all of those things. What kinds of events or activities do you enjoy? You've gotta narrow it down a bit!


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This is a good idea not solely because it teaches physical skills, but also because most of these classes are good at helping people build confidence and feel more able to advocate for themselves, which is so valuable not just on transit, but for young people in general.


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You’re behaving like a creep. If you want fewer women to think that men are creeps, stop acting like one and perpetuating the stereotype. Because you’re actively harming the reputation of your gender when you say this crap.


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Shane Lamond received a ribbon of valor from MPD in October 2021, "honoring
the employees of the MPDC and our law enforcement partners, civic organizations, and
residents who have helped to make a difference in our communities over the past year."


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“Nonprofit” is a pretty broad thing. It’s like saying you want to work for a corporation, and asking whether there are any corporations hiring at the moment.

What are your actual skills? What issues are you interested in, and do you have professional experience working on those issues? Political or non-political? Entry level, or something above that? What do you do now?