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In my outdoor environment, I've never had wooden outdoor furniture last tremendously long even if I bring it in in the winter.

If you do opt for wood, I would recommend getting furniture that has metal bracket connections instead of just wood joints. Those are the sections that will wiggle away from each other over time. A woodworker told me that after I complained how short outdoor furniture lasts.


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I've cooked with cast iron for 20ish years, and you are right. It's way easier cooking with all clad or non stick! There are certainly roles cast iron plays way better like oven cooking and searing meats, but really, people in this sub are getting stuck too easily into a scenario that doesn't exist. WE DON'T LIVE IN THE 1800's! They removed PFOAS from modern cookware and it's tremendously easier to cook in non stick and steel pans in many scenarios.

Cast iron and BIFL shouldn't be your identity as a person. There certainly is a reason these modern inventions exist. So try them out !


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Go for 100% cotton and besides that for stitches quality. Many companies change manufacturers from time to time, do hard to trust a person's quality choice even with a long standing record.

Just try a shirt out in person and look it over, or look over an easily returnable product with free shipping online.