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It threw me for a while, too, because I was taught "red yellow blue" for two decades, and I'm a computer-ey person so RGB kind of works in my head. I rejected CMY, because it always looks dumpy on a computer screen, which is where I do a lot of my work.

Then I started working with paint and real-world colour, and red + blue does indeed make the most unsatisfying crap purple. A nice, clean, solid purple is my absolute favorite colour, and this red+blue travesty was unacceptable, so I put on my research hat.

Then I bought CMY paint, and lo-and-behold real purple happened. And a bunch of other nice clean colours.

Then I got really really into painting, and couldn't be bothered to try to accurately reproduce the exactly perfectly matched colours every time, so I just started buying paints that only have one pigment that is one specific colour in it … because:

Theoretically, CMY are primaries, but they have to be made out of real world materials, and sometimes those vary by manufacturer. It's usually Quinacridone magenta & Pthalocyanine (cyan), but there are a load of yellows out there with varying levels of toxic elements to them. I try to find PY47 (Lead Titanate) which I thought was the yelloweyist yellow I could find that had the lowest toxicity, but I just looked up, and I was wrong; it's extremely toxic. Good thing I rarely use yellow - and that I don't eat paint, lol.

I now have maybe ten or so single pigment colours so I can always know what I'm getting. And it's never poopy maroon! If you ever need a good purple, Dioxizine purple is your gal. But get some titanium white too, because diox purple is almost black if you don't add a bit of white. Computer screens can't come anywhere properly reproducing it, but trust me, it's pretty. (diox purple is sometimes called Carbazole Violet. Same thing).

Yes, I'm a nerd.


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But actually for real, red + blue = sad poopy purple/kinda maroon.

Teachers have been teaching kids outdated crap based on colour theory from a zillion years ago when they didn't have synthetic pigments

Have you ever heard of CMYK? Cyan, magenta, and yellow are the actual primary colours for pretty much everything the average person would be doing. Black is used to make stuff darker and we will just ignore it (RGB is light and a whole other thing.)

Mixing different portions of any TWO of these three colours gets you nice bright colours. Adding the third brings the colour to a more poopy place. Mixing them equally makes neutral grey.

  • 1 cyan + 2 magenta = purple
  • 2 cyan + 1 magenta = blue
  • 1 yellow + 2 magenta = red
  • 2 yellow + 1 magenta = orange
  • 1 cyan + 2 yellow = green
  • 2 cyan + 1 yellow = turquoise

So red + blue = maroon because

  • 2 cyan + 1 magenta = blue
  • 1 yellow + 2 magenta = red
  • =
  • 3 magenta + 2 cyan + 1 yellow = poopy magenta-heavy purple/ maroon

Thanks for attending my TedTalk

[ if your interested in the extended-cut RGB-edition of my TedTalk:

CMYK is subtractive colour theory, because you're using pigments that absorb light and therefore subtract light/colour from what you see.

RGB is additive colour theory, because you're adding light to produce a colour.

Red-yellow-blue makes no sense and should be completely ignored by anyone with more than two brain cells. Teach your kid that their teacher was wrong.

RGB is how screens (TV, monitors, phones, etc) work.

  • 1 red + 2 green = yellow
  • 2 red + 1 green = orange
  • 1 green + 2 blue = turquoise
  • 1 green + 1 blue = cyan
  • 1 red + 2 blue = Indigo
  • 2 red + 1 blue = magenta

If you're a giant colour nerd and are interested in getting good colour from computer screens, you'll never be truly satisfied, because RGB actually cannot produce a good purple, and when you look at colour space reviews, you can see where they're all lacking, no matter how much you spend. Buy yourself a high quality IPS screen. AMOLED isn't great for colour and tends to oversaturate instead of looking realistic. TFT is downright tragic.

Thanks for reading the extended edition]

[you want part three? PURPLE DOESN'T EXIST. Yup. "Purple is your brain, making shit up," she typed, from her phone's purple keyboard.

Our eyes are also RGB, like screens. When we see colours, our brains process them by getting signals from separate red, green, and blue receptors.

Colours are visible wavelengths of light that are on a spectrum. In humans, the visible spectrum goes from Red (1) to green (2) to blue (3). The three receptors are triggered in varying amounts by different colours and our brain mixes them together to make all the other colours.

When we see purple, our red and blue receptors are triggered, so our brains say, "Fun colour mixing time! So red is at one end, and blue is at the other, so half way between is green. I see green. Wait. The green receptor isn't triggering, so it can't be green? But half way between red and blue IS green but it's also NOT-green? This is too much to deal with, so I'll just make up some reddish bluish nonsense and call it purple" <- more sciency answer ]


In summation, this punchline is valid.


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She loved it. Somehow boyfriend doesn't love AD and that saddens me deeply. He thinks a lot of the characters are cringey, like Buster and "stinky mouth man" (Bluth sr)

The last season of scrubs isn't worth your time. Some network exec true to stitch a spin-off into the end of scrubs which had a really good solid ending. JD was a teacher at a different teaching hospital. All the rest of the cast was gone or was just cameos. It's not even so bad it's good. It's just bad. Crap writing, awkward acting, bad concept, clearly noob actors, just bad.

I definitely need to seek out RT. It sounds very good, and like a show I'd actually watch watch, instead of having it as background noise while I play video games.

Pushing daisies was fabulous. I have looked for it and can't find it anywhere, and that sucks. Community is on Netflix in the Netherlands. I think it might be on peacock in North America? Maybe? Idk. The first three seasons were the best. Part of season 5 was good. Then they dumped Pierce for being racist, and Troy left. And then Shirley left. Then they started trying to plug the holes in the cast but it was a sinking ship.


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Huh, I actually missed some of those running jokes. It has been ages since I watched it though. I watched it countless times when it first came out, and clearly it needs a rewatch. My mom keeps pork scraps & bones that she boils down to make soup stock that she then sticks in the freezer with the label "ham water," so, naturally, one day I went through and added "hot" to all the labels. And that's how I ended up binging the entire series with my mother, after she had absolutely no clue why I was giggling and renaming all her soup stock.

I just like to pretend that the Netflix episodes don't exist, much like the last season of scrubs. It simply didn't happen.

Community, aside from season 4 (which was mostly crap) has a fair amount of callback/foreshadowing humor and running gags too.

I just like that Schitts Creek can be funny and actually be wholesome AF without being a sappy mess.

I've yet to see the Royal Tanenbaums. I wonder if it's on any of the streaming services over here.