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I feel like a lot of people here are equating the concept of Wu Wei with the concept of "The Zone"

Wu Wei is different from the zone. It is effortless. It embodies inaction or effortless action.

The zone is more like a state of heightened awareness where your ability to process and react to information is increased. But it's an active state. The entire time you're in the zone, you're exerting effort.

Wu Wei is passive. Effortless. One example that helps describe Wu Wei is the end of Kung Fu Hustle. Many people would consider the final fight a state of Wu Wei for the main character. But it's really the moment he stops fighting.

A lot of martial arts movies will have this concept. Where someone who's completely mastered martial arts has chosen to stop fighting. Because that is Wu Wei.


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>Why would they be limited to a cmd console interface...? It's not like the I/O of brain-computer interfaces is limited to text

Because the article doesn't mention any interface beyond text. And I'm not in the habit of speculating past technology that's currently available. Maybe in the future if an interface like that is created, sure. But right now it appears to just be text.


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Wow. Imagine being able to send commands to electronic interfaces with this. You could give paralyzed people the ability to use computer again through the cmd console.

You could even have a fully paralyzed programmer. It's approaching real ghost in the shell stuff here