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Right lmao I'm really struggling to understand libertarianism because it's just so complicated... /s. It's not hard to understand republican lite, I work in the space I don't need to be told about it's origins. I don't vibe with the taxation is theft crowd because it's a stupid argument, that's why I don't vibe with yall.


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Hahahahaha more like free market unless the market disagrees with them. I've never vibed with the libertarian ideology on which cryptocurrency originated, full of hot air.

Blockchain technology will be very much a part of all our lives, and in many ways already is, innovation takes time, and we have a lot of work still to do, but it'll be the norm soon enough.


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I would argue that this is not the case. Cryptocurrency was made to allow trading peer to peer, in effect avoiding the middle man (i.e. banks and other ironically centralized institutions). "The blockchain " protecting people has never been and never can be a talking point, as the blockchain is merely a ledger, that's designed to track transactions. That's it.

As far as not "adding value" I don't believe that to be accurate, about crypto itself or the underlying technology that makes it run. Blockchain technology very much has a place in our society moving forward when it comes to data storage, transference, peer to peer transacting, etc; so to say anyone involved is a fool waiting to be separated from their money is silly and wrong.

Scams are unfortunately a part of the world we live in, and in an unregulated space like cryptocurrency, this can be a huge issue. Regulations that allow for growth and maturity in the space are necessary to prevent these things and protect people from scam artists a la SBF.

TL;DR not everything in the blockchain space is a scam.