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That sign isn't actually referring to 19th and Hackensack Plank, rather warning about Pleasant Ave being closed between 32nd and Marginal. I believe the reason they get away with that is they have police actively forbidding anyone trying to use it as a throughway. Anyone specifically accessing the block of Pleasant (and for that matter, 33rd) is allowed to pass. It's done to alleviate the intersection at 31st, which 9/10ths of the time is being manned by police as well. Other approaches in town are still allowed, and it's not a blanket that all out of towners can't use the road, even if you live in town you can't do it. That's the distinction.


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> There's also the oft-bandied idea of a surcharge for anyone who enters the tunnel within an hour of exiting 14 b or c. That won't happen, of course, because the Turnpike authority wants cars to filter through here. We're a traffic repository to them.

I don't love this because, hypothetically, I swing by and pick up a friend in JC, then I get hit with a surcharge? Or need to stop and get something at home and head in to work?


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It shouldn't be that hard, you can put in those plastic divider things, or even a hard wall, and good signage. You could even put in barriers that prevent going to the tunnel from them.

I can't tell you how many hours of my life I've wasted on 78 waiting for Holland traffic to move just so I can turn off...


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  1. They're public roads, you can't tell out of towners they can't use them, especially if the city takes state highway funds. Other towns have already been sued and lost over this.

  2. We really need a JC/Hoboken only divided lane on 78 and 139. This would make it far easier for locals to access those parts of town without worrying about the Holland Tunnel traffic.