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Did you read the last paragraph where he signed laws opposing slavery? There is no historical record that he supported it. Your links do not say anything about Dudley just about the period in time. Did you even bother reading your own sources? Search for Dudley in the nps link.

I’m willing to be convinced but there is literally nothing just historical record that he supported it and direct records that he opposed slavery


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A lot of people have tried to find a connection and there isn’t any . See globe article seek last paragraph.

“ I’ve really searched, and I’ve found no evidence that Dudley ever owned slaves,” Rushing said.

What is known is that Governor Dudley signed the Body of Liberties, a legal code presented to him by the General Court in 1641, which is used as evidence that Dudley sanctioned slavery in the fledgling colony.

However, Rushing said, the laws that he signed actually prohibited slavery, allowing for only a few exceptions, including keeping prisoners of war in bondage.


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It’s very doable in brookline. Dr office and dentist office are on beacon so walks to the pediatrician or dentist are easy. You want to get a decent stroller, there is a reason everyone has citi minis and uppa bay vista. The bigger wheels and suspensions make the ride a lot easier (also handle snow). Get a rain cover they are good for windy days too. Also get war muffs for your hands and something like a bundle me.

If you are still young enough for the baby bucket seat, you can get adapters for everything.

The second car on the green line are the lower ones so longer trips are a hop on the train. It’s usually filled with people with strollers in the flat well there

The car seat carrying caddy type strollers are basically shopping carts and can hold a few bags underneath for groceries . I actually miss that


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Man the regular drip of violent crime in certain neighborhoods is really depressing. Then at the end of the year someone will post a link to all the murder victims in the city and they will all be the same part of the city and almost entirely black. Does anyone else get a sort of boys in the hood feeling out of this? The city allows the cycle of violence to continue and no one really cares enough to change anything. Going back to the line from the movie,

“One out of 21 black American males will be murdered in their lifetime. Most will die at the hands of another black male.”

and this