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Because we have hundreds of miles of bike lanes and nobody uses them. Its very important for rich folks to show how green and cool they are on their bikes. I could care less about the image the Bethesda crowd wants to push. Money needs to go where it will be used. Buses, trains, and cars.


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Its very telling when people refuse to debate on policy and resort to angry ad hominem attacks. You would think having your hypocrisy exposed would be a moment of reflection, but it appears to generally result in lashing out in anger.

I find this especially true of activist circles like this one where the person has tied their identity to the current issue.


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Tired of car dominated culture? You are far too online. Normal folks love that a car takes you exactly from point A to point B in air conditioning privately. That's just objectively more comfortable than using a bike or public transit for most trips.

Even these advocates only do so as a hobby. 90%+ I can guarantee have vehicles they use daily.


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The problem is rarely that a bike is hitting someone and killing them. Its that they drive illegally and cause cars to swerve, or pedestrians to jump out of the way (sometimes into something else), etc....

There is ZERO enforcement of bike laws. You can ride through U St drunk as a skunk through red lights and the police will do nothing. In fact I see it all the time.


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Do they understand the irony of a bunch of upper middle class white people riding down a protected bike lane during an event approved by the city while claiming no one cares about them? Very "progressive" of them to ask for more funding for a bike system about 5% of residents use who are disproportionately wealthy.