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only get updated from Twitter since I follow some prominent AI people there. If I got some interesting topic related to my research interest, I read the papers, mostly skimming, and starred their repo also. Whenever I have free time (mostly weekends), I will focus to study their findings.


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yes, I am interested in multimodal, I think I wanna use this topic for Ph.D. plan. I actually am still a master's student :)) I dunno why since there are various new models, I also get confused what should I do or improve for this CoT, probably because I read few papers, i guess

sure, let's talk via DM or discord (?). I am interested in hearing about your experience in this area.


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Ah, CoT. I think I have heard about this topic somewhere but forgot it already. yes it is similar to my next research proposal for Ph.D. regarding Visual QnA in mathematical reasoning. Thank you for the recommendation papers!


About the link that I mentioned, well it is just like a brief explanation of what people doing so far in terms of multimodal deep learning, the model, benchmark, dataset, etc. Since I get exposed with overwhelmed information about the current models, I think I need to look for this (just finished reading the NLP part).


Have you worked with multimodal before?


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I am 32, and i am in my final year of master's student. after this is done, I will probably start Ph.D. why am I in interested PhD in ML even though I know I am not that kinda smart enough compared to my peers who can finish their master's in 1 year only? I love studying and researching and I wanna be a researcher in this field. I think you should ask yourself why did you after Ph.D. at the very first place. Because I am afraid you cant finish your Ph.D. later and struggle with what kinda job or career you wanna pursue. If you want to engage in academic field, then taking PhD is a better choice. about ML industry for PhD, I think it depends on the career choice that would be opened whether you wanna work in Germany or outside.


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My current degree is in informatics (master)

well, the analysis here I can solve the problem by applying ML/DL algorithm (probably a preliminary experiment without using programming). What I mean by engineering is programming skills and coding the preliminary experiment using python and others. so sorry for the misunderstanding.


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wow, similar happen to me. but the great mentor is your supervisor. I am not PhD yet a research assistant. I discussed a lot with my supervisor regarding what I am currently doing and studying. He helped me a lot to assist me to stay on track. You probably can join AI/ML communities, sometimes they held paper discussions (LIVE) or discuss anything related to AI/ML on discord, etc. In my case, I have to re-study again the ML foundation (such as probstat and calculus) since I am always get influenced by current models (without understanding a thing), but if you already have those pieces of knowledge,you probably dont need time to understand them thoroughly. Thats what my supervisor suggested me before.


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intelligence is a quite vast word IMHO. we understand something because we learn from someone or object that we get exposed to. The more we learn the more we understand something. does a machine have emotion? I guess not unless we want them to be ( by giving them the training to do so). That's the difference between humans and machines. What I believe is that current machine learning or artificial intelligence is to assist humans to solve a problem that humans need time to solve it.