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That's always been my guess. I had a middle school teacher tell us about sneakers decades ago. My guess is that overtime mildew bacteria Etc grows into the fibers at a microscopic level and slowly breaks them down.

But that's just I guess. Whatever the reason is I can tell you that it works. I rotate between two pairs of shoes right now. Both Brands and models I've used for years. Individually one of them last about a year and the other about 2 years. I've had this two pairs of shoes for about 5 years now.


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Bought a higher end Oneida set over 30 years ago, it still looks practically new. I think it was $40 for 8 place settings that includes both kinds of forks teaspoons tablespoons dinner knives various serving spoons, sporks and forks.


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Samsonite is no longer bifl?

I've never found high end luggage to be worth the price. I was a road (air) warrior for decades, and had the best luck buying moderately priced stuff and replacing it every 10-15 years.

The way luggage is designed these days, anything that lasts longer than a decade: when something breaks it's usually a wheel attachment piece and it's no longer available. Plus almost every piece of luggage is expandable and the zipper is the next thing to go.

Plus, luggage weight limits aren't what they used to be. Get a 60s/70s style case and you will have used up half the allowable weight before you put anything in it.

Things to look for: Fully rotating wheels (case spins 360 degrees). Standard roller skate bearings and hopefully skate wheels. Wheel mount mechanism should be external so it can be 3d printed if no longer available.

I'm a fan of the flimsy plastic lightweight hardsides... When they get really dirty, just bring them to the car wash.

Edit: for carry on use also look at the roller backpacks. Some of them are really nice.