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Um, congrats and all, but… People get married every day. There is ZERO reason to shut down traffic in the most densely populated city in the US just because you want to party.

Imagine if everyone did this? Every day? Now you should expect some backlash as this stunt appears to be very selfish and a clear violation of the social contract when you work, live and play in the city.


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Also because way too many people in NYC have no idea how to bike like responsible humans.

I have never been to Vancouver but I surmise that the vast majority of bikers there follow the rules, wear helmets, ride with traffic, keep off the sidewalk, don’t weave in and out of traffic, use signals, wear lights or reflective clothing at night and are generally not entitled jerks.

Unlike a huge percentage of bozos on bikes in NYC, the kind that make all responsible bikers here look really bad.


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Building where I used to work downtown is one of the few buildings that has a plan for next time. (They got severely flooded by Sandy)

They have an 8-foot perimeter wall that can get setup in a few hours. They test it annually to ensure it will hold back water for several days. You can see the perimeter installation posts in the concrete around the building. Seems like a much better idea than sandbags. Also their vulnerable stuff like network and power access is now moved up from the ground floor.


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Owner here (private home)

Love our city tree We sweep up (no blowing into the street) throughout spring summer and fall. It’s good exercise and a way to meet your neighbors.

Norway spruce is messier than some but not as bad as a female Ginkgo tree I suppose. But we would be happy to have any heathy tree.

We also fought for a dozen new trees for our block and after a few years of patient requests got almost all of them.

Roots can be a pain sometimes but again, worth it to have a shade tree in front of our home and it certainly beautifies the city. Birds and squirrels call it home now and it’s lovely to watch it bloom in the spring.


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Funny part of poking fun of NIMBY is that once violent crime and/or property crime spikes no one wants derelicts, homeless, offenders or addicts in their neighborhood, I don’t care who they are.

And to be honest, if these places are not being actively monitored for criminal activity (and I don’t believe they ever are) then don’t put these places filled with people prone to crime in neighborhoods where families or seniors live.