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Yeah. It's such a nuanced situation that needs a holistic solution that requires resources that people aren't willing to expend.

You cannot just shower these communities with money, a lot of these communities also require a degree of mentorship and lots of social workers too.

It's going to be tough to break the cycle.


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How big is your living space? They do sell WiFi extenders if your house is sufficiently that big. Most routers these days have pretty decent range, enough to cover the footprint of most rowhomes here.


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Some of you Zoomers don't know this, as a Millennial, there was a time when there were no laws mandating disposing your dog's poop. I remember growing up seeing dog shit all over the place as a toddler. My mom would warn me not to touch the "brown stuff" that was in the sidewalks.

Where I grew up in Massachusetts, it was only until the late 1990s when Boston passed an ordinance ordering people to pick up after their dogs. They even posted signs all over the place. After that the dog shit disappeared off the streets, though some dog owners were a bit late in terms of getting along with the program.


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Very poorly.

When I moved here in January 2019, it snowed like crazy compared to previous years. I was riding a bus in NoMa hoping to look at some rooms I saw advertised on Craigslist when it started snowing.

The bus driver then looked at me and said, "Get off son, this bus is going back to the depot."

I was perplexed. "Why?"

He pointed outside. "It's snowing."


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Donating blood plasma is different than donating blood. Donating blood plasma is much more invasive and you do come out of each session a little fatigued. Blood plasma is typically used in scientific research and there's a shortage of it, hence why people are paid to donate.

Blood's much easier.