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Or you can just buy a Tesla where they're not trying to play that game (and all the other shitty stealership games) and they don't have to be coerced into compliance. It's like a whole other way to buy a car where you don't have to pack a lunch and deal with exploitive mind games all day to get out of there with the car you intended to buy at MSRP.


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Here's the key problem with all of these "new nuclear" plans:

They cost a boatload of money up front, which they can't finance unless they get purchase commitments from utilities for sale of their output at above current rates. Because in the best hypothetical marketing case (pre-overruns) they are still the most costly way to generate electricity known to Man.

Consumers are already aware they can generate their own energy cheaper than their utility's current generation and transport with rooftop solar+battery, and those costs go only down. The savings is more than enough to pay for the interest on the financing too.

If utilities keep buying the most expensive generation available they will soon find they have nobody to sell it to because their customers already solved that problem for themselves and don't need them anymore.


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You've underestimated the weight of "Advanced" in "Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency". Those megabrains are way out there on the speculative defense benefits.

The stuff you're speculating about them funding someday went operational in the 90's. And a whole lot more you never imagined. The stuff they're funding now is way further out there.


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They genuinely don't care about the rewards in the traditional sense of monopolistic control and exploitation of that leverage. They will win, of course, in the fiscal sense. They're not crazy. They owe that to the investors who helped them and stiffing the long term investors isn't in their moral compass. But how they do it will be by creating a wave they are first surfer on. It's Jiu Jitsu. Kung Fu. "The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm." - Confucius


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With production optimizations the margins were getting a bit fluffy. The point isn't really to sell cars. It's to change the world by killing the internal combustion engine, the carbon fueled electric generator. They have to make a profit to serve shareholders but if they can do that in a way that also serves their social goals then more power (sic) to them.