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I don't know, but it made me think of a case from torts class.

In 1891, the Wisconsin Supreme Court came to a similar result in Vosburg v. Putney.[10] In that case, a boy kicked another from across the aisle in the classroom. It turned out that the victim had an unknown microbial condition that was irritated, and resulted in him entirely losing the use of his leg. No one could have predicted the level of injury. Nevertheless, the court found that the kicking was unlawful because it violated the "order and decorum of the classroom", and the perpetrator was therefore fully liable for the injury.

here, the death is labeled a homicide, the source being two newspapers that are behind adwalls. but homicide here is not the same as chargeable as homicide, because the death was not within a year and a day. i don't remember why the common law rule adds that extra day.


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I used to have a senior partner at my law firm. Cops show up with a drug dog at the door of his condo. It alerts. They bust in the door and seize pot plants. He hires a fancy law firm. They fly in the dog's trainer from california, and impeach the dog. Evidence suppressed, case dismissed.


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Indiana is one of those, so there is an indiana company that manages rights for a number of dead celebrites. I was a local counsel once for a case where we beat them by showing they had no jurisdiction over a canadian-based website.


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a 'soup' is currency in jail. aka a packet of ramen. nissin chili ramen saved my life, because it's vegetarian and was one of the only things i could eat while in jail. it's hard to find on the outside, but i buy it when it see it.


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about 15 years ago i had 50 books on the kennedys when i was researching a possible book on lbj that i never wrote. i do not remember which book discussed kermit, and i probably dont still have it. edit shortly. oh i was going to use as a source but it wants you to sign up to read it, pass. edit: i was probably thinking of james roosevelt instead.


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"he had founded (a) few businesses." I'm pretty sure one of these was a partnership with joe kennedy during/after prohibition to import "medicinal" alcohol from britain such as gin, maybe beefeater gin, no gordon's.

kennedy was a crook and a gangster, although it is a myth that he made most of his money from bootlegging; he made most of his money by robbing banks by insider trading, real estate deals, stock swindles, and later rko, which he obtained in part by blackmailing a theater chain owner with a fake rape charge. kennedy used rooseveldt as a partner to make it more likely authorities would look the other way, which they did. source: some book i read years ago. edit: i think i had the wrong president's son, never mind.


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i'n guessing there are way more domesticated turkeys than wild turkey, so if they are the same species calling them wild turkeys is a bit odd. the domestic turkey is a new world invention. i'm not sure you can call llamas domesticated.


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facebook can afford this. but the rest of us can't. this chills speech, and chilled speech ruins elections. i suspect facebook is right that this is unconstitutional.

i was able to get this story posted at, so the country's election law experts will see it, so thanks OP for posting it.