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I feel like this kind of cross-species organization exists because each species independently came up with an SCP Foundation and when two SCP Foundations meet they have enough sense of "game recognizes game" that they just merge because as far as they're both concerned, there are bigger fish to fry.

It probably helps that they're literally older than the imperium and are quite possibly the ONLY organization in the imperium capable of staying true to their goals


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"Why would a NECRON help protect the universe?"

"Because I live here too!"

Honestly I'd not be surprised if a chaos demon or two was working with them, since they Also live in the universe (they live in a WEIRD part, but DO they live in it)


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twist: it DID bind Horus to Ezra, but in such a way that so long as HORUS lives, EZRA lives. The catch being that it does NOT go the other way. Horus leaves Ezra for dead, and he is dead, sort of, but his body just works to heal him, and he wakes up a few hours later, no worse for wear