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"Yeah you know Bocephus, we're gonna hold off on publishing that one... I'm still getting a lot of flak for that shit about Oedipus..."

"Hey fuck you Micheal, you know there's only 3 people who can write at all asshole. Use your gifts motherfucker!"

I have a little drunk history rendition of this happening in my head 🙏


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I'll just say that for the suffering people caused animals in general due to stupid shit like this which is like torture for sea life because they're so attuned, and sensitive to noises to where it's like taking away their hearing because guarantee this damages their hearing and if damaged enough they can't function properly so they either depend on the pod or die. I'm not sure why humans have to inflict cruelty when unnecessary particularly mammals humans shouldn't be entitled to much in terms of an afterlife

We got a lot to answer for :/