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Kind of unreasonable, no one would be straining their eyes that much to look at something instead of just turning their head a bit


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Well, yesterday someone I opened up to and considered friend basically shat on me and my feelings and today I had to endure my parents talking shit behind my back because they think I'm deaf or they just don't give a fuck, calling me names and what not. Yeah, I fucking wonder why I have depression and why I'm suicidal from time to time. I wonder if I were to jump the gun if my parents would finally take a look at reality or just be delusional as always and blame it on everything but them since we are such a model family. Ngl I don't really have any connection to my parents and never talk with them about anything that's important to me. If I'll end up moving out before dying I'll cut all contact with them. I'll miss my dogs thoroughly though.

The best thing about it all is that I went through a year of therapy and meds and was finally a lot better. But back into my hole I go I guess. I fucking hate life.