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After Freddie Gray's killing, the DOJ opened an investigation into city police. They found a pattern and practice of city cops doing illegal/unconstitutional shit like unjustified stops, enforcement strategies that targeted Black people, excessive force and retaliation for First Amendment activities. So the city, BPD and the feds reached a consent decree. They agreed not to do that stuff and to make reforms to training and oversight.


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A counterpoint is that riders on MobilityLink have to be at their pickup location within five minutes of vehicle arrival as opposed to 15 for WMATA’s Metro Access. (I know this because that’s what my girlfriend uses to get to work and other places.)


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Way way back, a cousin worked for AP and did a story on the primitive version of all that stuff. He tested himself, his father and our grandfather.

Years later, when 23andMe became a thing, that cousin's brother hit the books and found documentation on our great-grandfather. He determined that his last name was not the one he was born with. It wasn't an Ellis Island situation. The change was first documented when he fraudulently claimed birthright citizenship. He had a history of dubious claims. He claimed to be employed as a seaman when he was 6. He claimed to be from Liverpool. He was actually born in Switzerland with family in France and Germany and met his wife in Liverpool a year after he gained American citizenship. They moved to New York and had kids etc etc.

We tracked down one of our distant relatives and she helped us fill the hole in the family tree. Whatever the means, I sure am glad he got out of there. We learned in the process that a number of distant relatives were killed in the Holocaust.

Similarly, I'm glad my grandfather was 4F during the war, or else I may never have been born.


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I like it and you’re a bit off.

Willie Don convened ad execs and creative directors and asked them to come up with something to promote the city. It wasn’t focus grouped but they put these ads out there.