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A diversity of choice in what you participate in while already paying the taxes to support that is a problem? I dont understand how anything is held ransom. The taxes are being paid no matter what.

Im trying to give the against argument here a real fair shot, but often it seems peoples main issue boils down to specific religious grievances with it. Assuming there's no religious influence on the homeschooler, what's the issue if they play for the school soccer team?

It just seems deliberately mean spirited and spiteful to try to prevent them from doing so.

The savings to the state and federal budgets by homeschooling seem like a drop in the bucket compared to letting homeschooled kids participate in school activities, extracurriculars, sports, etc.

"Taxpayers spend an average of $15,240 per pupil annually in public schools, plus capital expenditures (National Education Association, 2021). The roughly 3.7 million homeschool students of 2020-21 represented a savings of over $56 billion for taxpayers. This is $56 billion that American taxpayers did not have to spend.c


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"Right wingers" tend to have more kids overall and don't usually abort them , so of course they have interest in the school board and what's actually taught.

City council is much more nuanced, but when you create an enemy and keep attacking them, you also prompt them to get their shit together and organize - so congrats.

The "left wing" groups here fight each other alot. If you aren't 100% on board, you're an enemy now. If you support LGBTQ, but don't think your kids should be given hormone blockers and "gender affirming care", you're out.

Diversity of thought isn't apparently allowed.This is why you lose.


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Doesn't matter. You're from the UK, one doesn't just shed being a muslin. It's not just a religion, it's a culture. (With various types of it depending on the region)

Muslin upbringing deeply shapes your worldview and one doesn't just turn on or off how they were raised by their families and their traditions and cultures. I'm not saying this a pejorative either.

That only happens in the West, and even then...


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So one comment about it only being part of the room undermines the sessions and discounts the students experiences? Am I getting that right? It makes it a debate? One comment?

Thats enough to run interference on a discussion and some completely undermine it? Is that what advocacy for students is considered now? What's the point of the job then?


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  1. Is it actually interruption , or did she deviate from the expected/approved discourse that these types of sessions have?

"The complaints alleged Mohammadkhani challenged a statement made by Marquisa "Keke" Rover — director of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Burrell"

'Mohammadkhani said the allegation that she disrupted the session on mental health is not true. "Your information is incorrect. I made a comment, same as the other board member in the room."'

The other board member who was there, Thomas-Tate who is also on the board wasn't actually there.

From Tate: " If Maryam wants to spout off at me at board meetings or other board members or the superintendent, we're all adults," Thomas-Tate said. "But to come to the students' session, this was not a community session, and to disrupt that setting, where the students were being very vulnerable ... was not helpful at all or relevant to that particular moment. It was egregious."

She made one comment from what this story says. ONE comment - and it was deemed to be a massive interruption. That sounds a bit sus. What did she actually say? No one appears to know or is telling.

  1. They are literally both "minorities". Why can one of them dictate what these struggle sessions are about and what is discussed vs the other?

Also Horton wasn't even there. " In the email, Horton said the session — which she was not in — was expected to be a "safe space for students to acknowledge racial trauma based on their lived experiences."

Very specific idea of a safe space that doesn't include the other minority actually there, Mohammadkhani, being able to say anything. No expression of lived experience for her.

  1. Horton is the one blowing this all up. "Horton, a member of the local NAACP who presented on civic engagement, emailed the school board early Friday and forwarded the message to the News-Leader."

She's helping to dogpile another minority who didn't agree and said something she doesn't deem permissible. Oh and that's perfectly fine to silence Mohammadkhani's lived experience with the usual BS. Horton appears to be one of these types:

"As a side note, non-Christians can practice religious bigotry, women can be misogynistic, and people of color can uphold white supremacist ideals that are dismissive of individuals who experience marginalization especially from people in positions of power; and minors are particularly vulnerable to this kind of treatment, but often do not recognize it or talk about it, but in this case SPS students reported it."

So basically if you are a minority, you better have the right views on this subject otherwise it's internalized oppression, so shut the fuck up. Of course, pseudo CRT stuff that isn't technically CRT, but has all sorts of its ingredients sprinkled in.


Remember who's running for school board. I sure am.


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I've seen some landscaping places around town, so would probably call around.

Moved from Illinois recently. Family of five. Issues with property crime and drugs, but it's mostly an issue if you hang out and associate with these types. (You have to seek it out kind of crime.)

Cost of living is great and having a low price of gas helps maintain that. Surrounding areas of Springfield are good and will continue to boom.

Springfield itself has a small city feel with enough big city amenities. It's very large though. You will be surprised by how Lone Pine area of Springfield looks (incredible views), vs the downtown which reminds me a bit of downtown Milwaukee, but smaller. All the same city. (The cops patrol the hell out of the downtown and I've felt very safe bringing our young kids with me.)

There's alot of potential here. Don't let the naysayers who whine about politics and muh horrid Trumpers get you down. They haven't moved to any of their favored blue states for reasons beyond finances.

Enjoy Springfield.


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Small town feel with enough big city amenities.

Ignore all the types on this reddit that wont stop ranting about "Muh Trumpers MAGA bigots" everywhere. They have an unhealthy obsession and are best left to themselves to rant about it - which is why they often coincidentally complain about not having friends. (I wonder why people - even with similar political and worldviews don't want to hang out with them. Misery loves its company)

Springfield is actually pretty diverse in terms of subcultures. A crazy mix here. Alot of parks that are pretty nice despite low property taxes. Schools aren't terrible either.

You get alot of bang for your buck. Moved from Illinois in August 2022 as a family of 5 and its amazing how much affordable it is to go downtown with your family then it is in Chicago.


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His opponent Radaker-Sheafer should have ran as a Repub. I'm from Illinois so I'm used to people reflexively voting Dem without knowing anything about them. Here's its the exact opposite in some ways.

I didn't research much about her prior to the election, but there's nothing insanely radical that would turn off most GOP voters. No CRT virtue signaling, abortion at any time, etc.

Hope to see her run again for any office. The California approach isn't the worst idea in somewhere like MO. There you would run as a Dem. Here you would run as a Repub.