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"...was on target to potentially produce 2 million vehicles in 2023." Wait a minute, what kind of serious forecast is that? "We're planning on maybe producing 2 million, or maybe not. We'll see. The factories might be able to build that many if we can find enough buyers for our cars, but then again, maybe they won't be able to."


armymike t1_j2f6l4d wrote

That sounds like a lot of panels. The zoning board will never go for it.

/s for those who don't have to hear about their local zoning boards doing everything they can to stop solar panel fields being installed


armymike t1_iri5ku1 wrote

Maybe I missed it in the DoJ posting, but was there never an independent financial audit done to the SBA? This guy isn't the entire union, there are others who would have had to look the other way or rubber stamped whatever he wanted to do. Or maybe they were in on it? Why didn't the rank and file direct an audit to be done periodically? Not holding my breath but will the Treasurer be charged separately for assisting in this fraud?