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I'm in the same boat. My grandparents are gone and my mom, their oldest kid, is also gone. She was the one who knew who people were. Her younger siblings don't. We have a lot of pics of people nobody can identify. I also have boxes of 35mm slides and 8mm films filled with strangers.

One day my kids will get access to an Amazon Photos account with thousands of images that mean nothing to them.


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Bearing in mind that diamonds aren't found underground in a pile, already cut and polished like that, one must assume the man on the bottom was about to break into someone's private vault and came to his senses, while the man on top is headed towards a jail sentence.


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The older one only wants to play co-op because he generally doesn't like to lose. The younger one only wants to play competitive because he likes to kick ass. It's tough finding something they both want to play. Between the NES emulator (Raspberry Pi) and the PS3 (Ragdoll Kung Fu, LBP Karting) they have some good choices, but the PS4 options have been slimmer. Basically they play It Takes Two, Minecraft, Quake, and a shitload of Brawlhalla.


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I suspect I probably would've caught one or two more of them if I had been looking on my computer instead of on my phone. Of course, these are images that came straight out of the software without any in painting or retouching. I suspect all of the telltale signs would've been covered by somebody with more skill.


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No. There is literally nothing you can do. I have the same issue with our Toto. It fit the required space and it looks very fancy, but the bowl has a 4" water target and the rest is dry. I even tried one of those non-stick spray coatings that's supposed to make the porcelain less 'sticky' and it did nothing.

There is no solution other than scrubbing the toilet constantly.