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This is anecdotal but I took Sertraline for nearly three years. A while after I stopped I somehow got impetigo on my face (unrelated I’m sure) and absolutely nothing they gave me affected it, they made it worse and worse. I ended up being tested and it turns out I’m immune(?) to all but one of the antibiotics they tested.


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I’d happily let the UK DVLA sell my data if they spent the money hiring more people to renew my fucking license. March 1^st I started it and that was 8 weeks early. I’m wondering if they’ll crack a whole 12 months this time.


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Original PS3 was GOAT. Even did Stereoscopic 3D for my series 6300 Samsung and Dolby TrueHD over optical. That machine was developed too early and never utilised to its full potential.
I remember Folding@Home where people all over the world used their PS3’s power to help protein folding simulations. I ran mine A LOT when I wasn’t there, probably helped kill it.


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Yes, update me in 10 years. There’s new breakthroughs constantly that would push production costs up making scaling difficult for the end consumer.