artofwu t1_j8l6hi6 wrote

I've had my headphones for almost four years & don't forsee myself upgrading anytime soon. One thing to note is for me, chasing music > chasing gear.

HD800S: All arounders. Games, movies, Zoom calls, low volume music while working, & dedicated music listening sessions. Comfort king.

LCD-MX4: Dedicated music headphones. Takes me to musical Lala Land.

Burson Conductor 3XP: amp/dac combo I've had for ~3 years. Opamps = 2 vivids and 2 classics.

I got to the point where there were no more wishes/wants, which I had when I was trying to find the right pieces in midfi for ~10yrs. I.E. I wish these were less shouty, less fatiguing, more clarity, less heavy, less pinching, etc. etc.

However, it doesn't mean I'm not curious about some of the newer headphones and would like to hear the ZMF Caldera, Atrium. Audeze LCD5, LCDMM, Maxwell. I'd also like to hear the Susvara.