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I strongly suggest you don't watch "Shrinking," as the therapist in that show invites one of his patients to move in with him, while continuing treatment. It's identified by everyone around him as a terrible idea, but he maintains it anyway. The show is great, by the way, but if you had a problem with "Doc" on Ted Lasso, you're going to absolutely hate Jimmy in "Shrinking."


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Reply to UCONN Professor by bayo1

An arbitrator awarded her the amount for a wrongful termination, it’s not like she is getting a recurring check.


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I think their express desire to not let anyone pass was a function of them pursuing someone ahead, or a possible a fire/hazard/explosives in transit or something to protect drivers from themselves. I once was the first car at the George Washington Bridge tollbooth after the bridge was closed to allow transport of explosives across the span and I was all ready to go 100 mph unimpeded across. Two cop cars spanning all three lanes get in front of the tollbooths and release everyone at exactly 40 mph across. It isn't their first rodeo. Your girlfriend is a typical douche who thinks she's so important, she simply must pass everyone, including those trying to protect her.


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It's on the NY Times list of 52 places to visit in the world in 2023, so someone thinks highly enough of it to get recommended. I'd say it's trending in the right direction.


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After reading this post, I decided to pay a visit myself. Tickets are free, but you give them a driver's license on your way in, so they get your address, even if you give a fake one when you register for tickets. It's hard to argue with the published mission, it's lots of motherhood and apple pie. We met with an educator who talked about the architecture and the buildings (officially called "volumes"), but when we asked about the ownership, she basically repeated boilerplate language about it being a 503(c) non-profit with global reach, so no specific names are mentioned.


On a side note, the trail around the grounds is really muddy now and not well marked in some places (we thought we followed the map, but the trail just sort of disappeared into another property). It's not huge, but it's a nice diversion for a couple of hours. I guess you could plop yourself in the library or commons and use their wifi if you wanted to linger over a cup of (free) tea. There was a piano concert last night, so the main amphitheater was closed for setup, but it's really beautiful, from what we could see from outside.


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Reply to Yale by thug_nificent

It's listed as the top 3 prestigious universities on the planet year after year. It's incredibly desirable and any city would be glad to have that level of prestige. It's always going to be a net positive for the city (and, indirectly, the state) to have that.


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This is the best explanation anyone can offer to those people who say don't plant yourself in the left lane and cruise along. If I'm in the the left lane going 10 over the limit and I've already left a safe following distance between me and the car in front of me, I didn't leave that space for other drivers to weave into. I already assessed the situation and no matter what you think or want, that whole pile of vehicles in front of both of us (aka traffic volume) isn't going to get out of the way or move any faster for you than it did for me. Let's all just stay put in the lane we're in and we'll all get to our destinations safely.


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Washington Depot is essentially the model for the town in GG. They have signs and Tshirts about it and the cookbook is available in the bookstore. It's cute and all, but not much to actually do, as far as I can tell.


Litchfield has a pretty cool downtown area that is worth checking out with gift shops, antiquing, art stores, coffee shops and plenty of low-pressure browsing. A favorite of mine is the kitchen supply place (I love cooking and kitchen gadgets).


The museum associated with Yale is still free, as far as I know, so even a 15 minute scan is worth it.


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I’m a registered conservative and my political positions are my own. I don’t expect to espouse them and have people instantly agree. I’m all for very slow, methodical change, not radical and whimsical flights of fancy like the current generations seem to want that have no basis in reality and are based on what’s temporarily popular.