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With fusion you can just get hydrogen and oxygen from water for use in the rocket boosters. If the boosters can be landed, refueled and launched again in a day or hours, then space travel in the future may be seen much like how we view air travel today.

I look forward to going coast to coast in less than an hour.


ashakar t1_iuh4y5a wrote

It's not ever going to just magically go away until rates get high enough to reward saving to the point your saved money at least doesn't lose purchasing power and/or enough people lose their jobs to destroy enough demand. Job losses may not be the answer though as those potentially come with drops in productivity or future productivity.

History has shown us once a supply shock kicks off inflation, rates need to rise above the level of inflation before there is any significant downward trend in inflation. It doesn't matter if the initial shock is still around or not. It's a lot like getting shot, even if the bullet is removed, you've still got a lot more to do to recover.

Unfortunately this means the fed isn't even close to done raising rates. Even JPow was full of Hopium that the inflation would just magically go away. Unfortunately it's a vicious feedback loop that only higher rates can effectively fix right now.