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Crappy desk layout. My office has a long “custom” multi station desk and each station has a certain amount of leg room for chair etc. The compact mid tower shares that space. It gets to feel intrusive and “in the way”. Yep that’s no fault of the tower at all (and a desk problem and not a computer problem) but there’s many times I wish I could just get rid of the box down by my feet and put a tiny one behind my monitors.


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Not seems. It is ridiculous. I hope the investigation is into who has an axe to grind and is trying to drag him and his now wife through the mud. Married for over 25 years and having to relive a horrible moment in the public’s eye. Disgusting.

Edit: it was Claudio Reyna and his wife. Just fucked over his son for sure. Hopefully he loses his job at Austin FC.


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Hey OP I’m right there with you. It is VERY anti Reddit to say this was a good or very good movie and not the best movie of the year or greatest of all time.

I enjoyed it. I may watch it again in a decade or so but it’s put up on such a high level here.

My problems with it are it’s too long and the point of it is literally hammered on the audience heads at the end so many times it’s bordering on super aggravated superfluous assault! OK we get the fucking message!!

The whole idea of the multiverse is nice and exciting but the execution was borderline horrible. Nothing tying things together—one review mentioned it was like a 10,000 piece puzzle dumped on a table without any reference for how to put it together.