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It is typically a pack of digital items to use in a video game. Usually chances of getting something considered “a very useful item” are slim to none.

Basically, loot boxes are purchased to unlock “random” items/characters with the hope of something great, instead of purchasing something specific.

I find that my gaming friends do not care for these types of things, while my decade younger sibling and their gaming friends are absolutely obsessed.


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Also, you don’t really need a clip to close foods that go in a bag in a box. I do this for cereal and crackers. (Especially if a clip won’t fit inside of the box yet)

Roll the bag up and put it in the box upside-down, gravity and the box keeps it fully sealed! Just warn people in your home if you don’t live alone, or they might get snacks on the floor.


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Also, spend it with people who truly bring you happiness. Not everyone cares in a healthy manner, despite the loving words they say.

When you grow up with an unstable family, it is easy to wind up with unstable friends or partners. Stay aware, and stand up for yourself.


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Sometimes a certain order can be helpful. I can handle this routine even in the depths of stress.

If you’re dealing with a big mess, go for the garbage first. Anything that can be immediately removed, get rid of it! Don’t worry about cleaning yet. Neatly stack plates and cups to wash later, don’t let it derail you.

Then move on to seating areas. Beds, couches, and chairs can be made neatly very fast. It also helps you see how disorganized the rest of your space is, while giving you a surface to place things temporarily as you go.

Pick up anything off the floor that doesn’t belong there. If it has a spot, put it where it goes. If not, that is part of why it was never put away. Try your best to create a regular location for it.

Now all that is left are the surfaces. Tables, counters, desks, whatever. Organizing papers, tech, and decorations is much easier than everything else you’ve already done. Save it for last, when you’re putting in the finishing touches. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of adjusting to make a messy desk neat and usable.

NOW you can start cleaning. Moving clutter stirs a lot of dust up, yet a lot of people try to do both organizing and cleaning at the same time. It is also easier to dust, wipe down surfaces, and mop/vacuum when everything is tidied.


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Most people don’t even view the lab tests. The tests provided through product QR codes could be inaccurate, old, or for a completely different product.

People see “scan this” or “click here” to view lab test results, then assume it is safe without any more inquiry.