asr t1_j2q5rr4 wrote

No they were not. Sorry, but rheostat dimmers simply get too hot to be placed inside electrical boxes on the wall.

You are just mistaken about this. They can only be used in specialized applications with the load exactly matched to the rheostat.

They were never used for general purpose lighting in homes.

I don't even get how you think they were supposed to work - the rheostat has to match the load exactly, how exactly would you even install them in a home where the homeowner can change the light bulb?

(Fans are a different story.)


asr t1_ixozhty wrote

> and generates a boatload of money

By law this is capped at 20%.

> Insurers are the real benefactors of healthcare in the US.

It's actually less than 20% - they have to spend 80% on payouts to providers, from the remaining 20% they have to pay administrative staff, their actual profit margin is not high.

> Their hospital division is non profit and does struggle to make ends meet.

Then something is seriously wonky - the insurance is not the source of high costs, usually it's Dr's and hospitals, but you claim they are losing money. So where did it all go?!?