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Some people believe things in their heart so much that faslifying evidence is justified, or have no evidence but need to communicate how powerful their beliefs are as if it'll just download into other people.

It plays hand in hand with the "God said" types who mistake their inner monologue for a diety commanding them.


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>What if the shoe were on the other foot, and a bunch of right-wingers were indoctrinating kids in schools?

That's literally what is happening right now you fucking muppet.

Signed, someone currently standing on Florida soil.


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Fun fact, pirate eye patches weren't to cover open eye sockets (though I'm sure that was a decent secondary use)

Eye patches were commonly used by sailors to keep one eye adjusted to dark vision above deck, so when they went below deck they woudn't have to wait for night vision.


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I think the caveat here is timing and audience. Most people aren't adverse to a good dark joke as long as they know everyone involved doesn't actually think that way. My roommate is black and I have Italian heritage, we occasionally say slightly racist shit to each other in good humor but know each other's limit. This is after dozens of hours of deep dialogue about systemic racism and similar topics.

Of course the dude who opens up a party with dead baby jokes or the like is definitely not the brightest bulb.