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So you are asking for places and events that relate to your interests without stating your interests?

I’ll assume you like getting fucked in the ass and mouth eiffel tower style from two homeless unhoused men in desperate need of warm water and soap, in which case i would suggest a parking garage off the green past 2:14 AM on weekdays monday to wednesday


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I have it. Speed and signal are 100% dependent on where your house is and where in the house you put the router. Even in the rural area I get comparable speeds to Comcast.

My big gripe is because it’s basically a cell phone you get a dynamic IP that changes, which means every so often my devices stop working with it until I reset them and reset the router. I have to unplug and plug back in the router about once every two weeks on average, sometimes once a week.

It’s decent enough for now, but Frontier Fiber is coming to by neighborhood soon and I’m going to switch to that the second its available.


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Depending on your overal aesthetic you could try a fedora (a real fedora, not a tribute) or maybe a pork pie hat. It’s hard to explain, but usually a more grisly bearded older gentleman in one of those brimmed hats nobody will bat an eye.

If you look anything at all like a m’lady type of person, avoid. I’m sure you’ve seen the memes.


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Homemade, go to stop and shop, you yourself some store brand macaroni and some jarred sauce and then ask the butcher for his finest cut of gabagool, mix all that shit up on the stove and add some mozzarelli cheese and bobs you’re uncle


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Sounds like one of the hundreds of weird mortgage scams I got after buying my house.

If everything is all signed and done, the solar company puts a lien on your house since you have their panels. Call your town clerk and give them your name and address and ask if they’ve recorded a ucc financing statement lately.

Land records are public, but an actual UCC financing statement that goes in the land records has VERY little information. It will have your name and address and the company you got your solar from, and honestly that’s about all.


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I’m glad it’s getting sorted out but jesus christ what a fuck up that was. From what it seems it’s all people who used that coupon code we posted all over last week so I wonder if it had something to do with that.

At least the good news is I know how easy it is to complain to PURA and the Attorney General.