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VEG in Carle Place is closer to Queens if they ever need a backup for a 24/7 emergency vet. I've personally used VEG for one of my two cats nowadays and two of them when I was growing up and have only had good experiences - only issue is they overcharge for medicine, but that's to be expected.


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Tell them to maybe collaborate with AMA Animal Rescue on this. I know they've both teamed up with one another when the entire ordeal with Ukraine got worse. If PuppyKitty needs the ASPCA Animal Hospital within the next few days but has issues getting an appointment, let me know and I can tell the vet staff at the ASPCA (I'm a volunteer at the ASPCA and often have to deal with the vet staff there).


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I know they've teamed up with AMA Animal Rescue before. Maybe they can get AMA to help? Although, I know AMA is mostly focused on the animals in their care, but I know AMA is always willing to spend a ton of money on animals in these situations. AMA spent over $30,000 on one dog who got mauled by two other dogs and ended up losing his left ear. ASPCA Animal Hospital might be able to help too.


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I just looked at the post - someone definitely abused those fur babies. Woodhaven is near Richmond Hill, and there's a lot of cats in Woodhaven too who are supposed to be "taken care of" by some people in a basement, but when I went to said basement last year, I didn't see a litter box in sight and it was super cramped with a ton of cats right on top of each other. Maybe some of the cats ran from the basement over to Richmond Hill, but that's just a guess of mine.