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Hello! I just got a new storm door and looks like I need to add a 1/4" shim for it to fit properly. My issues is this, the storm door requires a 1" wide by 1" deep mounting surface. I thought I could get a piece of screen moulding and cut it to run the length of the door jam, but it's only 3/4" wide, not 1. Would I be able to find any pieces of wood at Home Depot that are 1/4" thick by 1" wide and long enough to run the length of the door jamb (80")? I know they sell wood shims but those are small and not installed along the the whole jam and I worry about cold air leaking in or that it just won't look that good. Anyone have any thoughts?


asuhayda OP t1_iy28abi wrote

I titled this post wrong, I'm trying to ground the ground wire, not the neutral lol! Thanks for your reply though. The breaker box is not far from the wiring in the picture. Can I extend the ground wire and run it back to the box and ground it there? The box was updated and is properly grounded.


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thanks for your reply! They are not grounded at the panel. This was spliced off existing k&t to feed an outlet for my gas stove. So if I move those connections into a metal junction box, can I place the single ground wire into the box, touching the sides of it, and it will then be grounded?